30-minute at-home upper body HIIT workout video

HIIT upper body will build strength and improve posture.
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Upper body chest & back at-home workout

  • Instructor: Bakari Williams
  • Difficulty level: Open, beginners and advanced both welcome
  • Body focus: Full Body
  • How to prepare
  • Wear sneakers and clear a space around you big enough for burpees and jumping jacks.
  • Equipment
  • Exercise mat, towel, water
  • Class duration
  • 31:12
  • Workout structure
  • This upper body HIIT class kicks off with dynamic stretches and movements to warm up your full body. You’ll then head into a circuit consisting of tricep dips, resistance bicep curls, lat pull downs, jumping jacks, planks, squat thrusters, push ups, mountain climbers and more. Finally, you’ll cool down with deep breathing exercises and full body stretching.
  • Class description
  • Add this 30-minute, full body HIIT circuit to your at-home workout routine. Boost your cardio endurance while strengthening muscles in your upper body, lower body and core.

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