Power Pyramid - Erg at Power Rowing

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Power Rowing and were last updated on 7/19/21.

Vaccination policies

Power Rowing is a fully vaccinated studio and are welcoming in clients who have been vaccinated.

Mask-wearing policies

We ask that any non-vaccinated or not fully vaccinated clients please continue to wear masks while inside our studio.

Extra sanitation

All attendees will be given cleaning supplies to wipe their stations before & after their workout. We ask that when using the restroom, please leave the light/fan on and close the door behind you immediately upon leaving. Classes will be at least 20 min apart for staff to further clean the studio.

Temperature checks

Indoor classes: Upon entering Power Rowing your temperature will be taken by Owner/Front Desk Staff before class begins. If your temperature is elevated, we will kindly ask that you leave the building and your credits will be refunded to your account.

Mon, Nov 29
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Wednesday, December 1
45 min

Bryan Fuller
Wednesday, December 8
45 min

Bryan Fuller

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