Beachfront Mindful Yoga at Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii

Not at the partner’s usual location.
This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii and were last updated on 5/21/21.

Mask-wearing policies

For your safety and comfort, Instructors will wear face shields, students will social distance and wear masks when they cannot. No adjustments will be performed and we cannot have photos with teachers at this time.

Social distancing measures

We will maintain social distancing.

Limited capacity

please reserve in advance as spaces will be limited.

Equipment policies

You only need to bring a large towel as your mat – the soft grass/earth is the sufficient original cushion for most.(during times of social distancing,we will not be supplying or renting mats at this time)

Wed, Sep 22
There are no classes Today, Sep 22.
Tomorrow, Sep 23
60 min

Friday, September 24
60 min

Saturday, September 25
60 min

Sunday, September 26
60 min

Monday, September 27
60 min

Tuesday, September 28
60 min

Wednesday, September 29
60 min

Thursday, September 30
60 min

Friday, October 1
60 min

Saturday, October 2
60 min

Sunday, October 3
60 min

Monday, October 4
60 min

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